Airborne at the End of the Earth

In one of the most remote places on earth, missionary pilots fly into rough runways carved by hand out of the sides of mountains. The aircraft they fly provide isolated people groups their only access to education, healthcare, markets ... and the community-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. A twenty-year veteran of flying in Papua, Indonesia, Nate Gordon’s front-row-seat stories are a gripping account of God at work in a world rarely seen by outsiders.

Filled with adventure, humor, and surprising insights, this delightful read will inspire and encourage you. Airborne at the End of the Earth provides a remarkable view of God fulfilling his promise to reach every corner of the globe with his love.

Praise for Airborne at the End of the Earth

Airborne at the End of the Earth is a terrific firsthand account of the professional airmanship challenges—as well as the emotional and spiritual ones—that come as a part of the daily job for hundreds of missionary pilots and their support teams, who fly in the most challenging environments on earth.

Make no mistake, this is not just a great read for pilots. It weaves together compelling aspects of family, culture, faith, and, yes, professional airmanship, in a manner that helps the reader understand the men and women who choose to take up this cross and how they do it both safely and professionally.

—Dr. Tony Kern, Founder & CEO, Convergent Performance, author of Redefining Airmanship


This is a book to savor and to share. I couldn’t put it down. Nate shares many amazing, faith-building stories of God’s love working in the hearts and lives of people created in his image. If you wonder whether God is really at work in the world today, read this book. You will come away encouraged and amazed.

—Woody McLendon, President, JAARS Inc.


Having served in Asia for nine years, I grew to love the people there. I’m inspired by the commitment of Christians to proclaim God’s Word and the openness of those hearing it to receive what it has to offer. Through this book, we all have the opportunity to meet the people in this beautiful, bountiful region.

As a missionary pilot to Papua for over 20 years, Nate Gordon gives readers both a bird’s-eye view and an on-the-ground account of how the gospel is transforming lives there.

This powerful inside look at Bible translation in one of the most remote and linguistically diverse parts of our world is filled with hope. I pray it will inspire a new generation of Christians to go all-in to ensure God’s Word is available to everyone, everywhere.

—Dr. John Chesnut, President & CEO, Wycliffe Bible Translators USA


I had the privilege of flying in Papua as a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship for a number of years. Nate Gordon’s creative, insightful, and accurate depiction of life and ministry in this often forgotten part of the world quickly transported me back to a season of life that was full of purpose and challenge.

Papua is a land of contrasts. Beautiful pristine jungle gives way to foreboding mountains and rapidly changing weather patterns. Isolated tribes living in incredibly remote conditions are faced with profound physical and spiritual brokenness, yet there are those who are dedicating their lives to bring God’s Word and the transformative truth found within it to a people who are deeply loved by Him.

This book will expand your understanding of this very special part of God’s creation and the men and women who are utilizing unique tools and talents to reach those who have yet to understand the truth of the gospel. Through Nate Gordon’s writing you will see a clearer picture of the heart of our Savior who is willing to seek out even one lost sheep.

—David Holsten, President & CEO, Mission Aviation Fellowship


These stories are potent and hope-filled. Nate’s words draw stunning pictures of the wonder experienced by obedient servants who bring the Word of God to those living in remote and difficult places. The hunger for the good news etched across the faces of those who live in these distant corners of God’s amazing creation is a modern-day Macedonian call to Christians: “Come over and help us.”

These accounts of Nate and Sheri Gordon’s experience serving our Savior in Papua are both heart-wrenching and heartwarming. They remind us that the best things in life are often the hardest, but serving our Savior open-handedly, holding on to nothing but Him, releases us to experience life to the fullest!

—Dr. Brent Slater, Senior Pastor, Highland Park Baptist Church, Southfield, Michigan


If you’ve ever wondered what day-to-day life is like as a missionary pilot, read Nate Gordon’s book. It made me appreciate the dangers, toils, and snares he lived through. It shows not only the practical side of life, but also the heart of a person who wants to take the message of the gospel to those who have yet to hear it. Reading this will make you want to live fully surrendered to whatever mission God has given you.

—Chris Fabry, Author and host of Chris Fabry Live on Moody Radio


I love the “RFA” [Ready for Anything] attitude portrayed in many of Nate’s stories, and I would recommend this book for anyone going to a mission field.

—Frans Sahureka, Director, YAJASI Aviation

Nate and Sheri Gordon lived and worked in Papua, Indonesia, for 22 years. They served on a team of missionary aviators reaching the most isolated people on the planet. Nate now leads a team at JAARS developing software that is used by mission pilots around the world. The Gordons currently make their home in North Carolina.